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Classical from the Beethovenfest - Beethoven: Trio in E-flat Major

After the concert titled "Inspired Oboe," applause for the three young performers just wouldn't die down. They thanked the audience with a Beethoven encore.

Inspired Oboe 6

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Adagio Cantabile from Trio in E-flat Major for clarinet, cello and piano, op. 38, arranged for oboe, bassoon and piano
Philippe Tondre (oboe)
Pierre Gomes (bassoon)
Masako Eguchi (piano)

MP3 recorded by Deutsche Welle (DW) in the Schumann House on September 9, 2012

Beethoven's Septet in E-flat of 1799 was highly popular in its time. Because of the unusual and complicated instrumentation, more accessible arrangements began to pop up - not at all to the dismay of the composer, who hoped that this would lead to greater interest in his other works.

Beethoven himself reworked the piece in 1803 as a trio for clarinet or violin, cello and piano and dedicated it to the doctor he'd consulted due to his encroaching deafness and who had become a true friend.

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