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Christmas Tree Chopping

The festive season is a good time for finding a job - that is, if you are good at chopping down tress.



The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity for those looking for a few extra dollars. Jobs on offer on job banks range from "Christmas card proofreaders", "assistant pastry chefs" and "holiday wrappers".

One very popular Christmas employment with students in Germany is playing the part of Father Christmas. Distributing presents and acting the Santa Claus laugh is, in fact, quite a lucrative job for young people. Father Christmas duplicates can earn around 35 Euros for a 15-minute commitment.

Some Christmas jobs, however, are more stressful, and often more voluntary. Every year at the Christmas market in Nuremberg, an official "Christkindl", or Christmas angel is appointed. Usually a teenager, the Christmas angel has up to 60 appointments a day, visiting children and handing out presents, and walking around the Christmas market. The Christmas angel must not be squeamish, as children like to touch the angel’s hair and pretty, embroidered clothing.

Probably more fun, but also more strenuous is working as a Christmas Tree chopper. Every year, millions of Christmas trees are chopped down for cosy households and town squares all over the world. In Germany, people like to cut down their own trees, which is possible in some wooded areas which are especially cut off for the puropose. But more often, they tend to drive out to the spot and simply choose the tree to their liking. Here, students can earn a bob, out in the fresh - and festive - air.