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Christmas potatoes in Bogotá

Myriam from Colombia: "Due to the wide variety of climates in Columbia, christmas festivities are celebrated in very different ways."

Der Blick aus meinem Fenster Sheyla Reyes Bogota Kolumbien

In my home city of Bogotá, the average temperature throughout the year is 16°C. It's an especially good climate for potatoes.
That's why the traditional soup for Christmas and New Year's is a potato soup we call "ajiaco". You mix three kinds of potatoes in a base of chicken broth and add a special spice called "guasca".
New Year's fireworks are forbidden, thank God! There are fireworks at chosen squares, but individuals aren’t allowed to have their own fireworks.
Christmas presents are handed out on December 24. By the December 16, people are already praying and singing "La Novena" to welcome the Christ child. Singing "La Novena" is always a beautiful occasion to meet and dance.