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Christmas Gone to the Dogs

Some pet-owners think the holidays aren't for humans only. Presents for pets are becoming increasingly popular. But not everything that's offered is good for your furry friend.


"Top wear for dogs about town"

The shopping's done! Grandma's off the list, and so is Aunt Mabel. You've bought gifts for your husband, for your lover and for the cute new neighbor.

After all that running around the malls, it's time to put your feet up. You have all the presents, so now's the time to relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.

But wait: what's that sniffing at your tired feet? Oh no: it's Fifi! You forgot to get a holiday treat for Fifi!

Presents for pets

Holiday gifts for pets are becoming increasingly popular. Many pet-owners see their furry friends as members of the family. Therefore it's only natural for them that Fifi or Fluffy should also get Christmas presents.

There's a wide variety of pet-products specially made for the season. They include designer fashions for dogs, special pet-food for the holidays and pet-sized water-beds.

Chewy Christmas

How about a star- or moonshaped chew toy "for the aggressive chewer in your household"? Wouldn't that take the teeth out of Christmas and help put him into the holiday mood?

An American company that specializes in eco-friendly pet products recommends you think about the environment when giving. That's why one of the chew toys it recommends is the 'Eco-Buddy'.

"Every dog needs an Eco-Buddy!", the company website tells us. "Covered in Eco-fleece that’s made from 87% recycled P.E.T. plastic and generously stuffed with 100% Eco-fill. Available in Royal Blue or Red." - If that doesn't help save the environment, nothing will.

HC versus EC

If your dog is more into hc (haute couture) than into ec (environmental correctness), then how about getting something in the classic Burberry plaid?

There's a Burberry Thornproof body suit or a matching Burberry Trouser Suit. The manufacturer tells us that this is "top wear for top dogs about town!" Prices start at roughly 32 euro ($ 29) each.

White teeth for Christmas

And finally - the thing for the canine who has everything, including dog breath: a special pet toothbrush and toothpaste.

The pet toothbrush fits over the end of a finger and the toothpaste comes in flavors like malt and poultry. Now if you could just convince Poochie to brush regularly...

Maybe you could win him over by telling him that those busy scientists in the pet-toothpaste laboratory aren't just thinking about bad breath and cavities, they're improving the taste of the paste as well.

According to the maker of the toothpaste "essence of postman is the next flavor on the list, especially for Rottweilers and Dobermans."

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