Choose Between City Life or Nature Near Bonn | DW Travel | DW | 03.03.2008
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Choose Between City Life or Nature Near Bonn

We asked readers who've traveled to Germany about their experiences, and they shared some tips about their favorite destinations. Have you been to Germany too? Click on the link below to tell us about your trip.

Beryl Kornhill

Beryl Kornhill likes nature -- and the city

Beryl Kornhill is a writer from Stockholm, Sweden.

My favorite destination in Germany: Bonn and the surrounding area.

My preferred accommodation: Staying with friends.

A perfect day in Bonn: A day where I have the choice between pure nature and the big city. Bonn is the perfect place for this. I can take a tour of Bonn or Cologne, or go hiking in the Siebengebirge or the Eifel mountains.

I tend to spend my money on: Food, books.

My Tip: The Maria Laach Benedictine Abbey in the Vulkaneifel region. Culture and nature come together wonderfully here. Visitors should take a look at the fantastic Romanesque church and go for an eight-kilometer hike around Laacher Lake. At one point, you can see traces of the volcanic activity that formed the lake 10,000 years ago -- that is, bubbles that rise out of the bottom of the lake.

Where I want to visit next: The Eifel region by bike.

What I like best about Germany: The diversity of culture and nature.


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