Chipmaker Qimonda to Get Cash Injection From State | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 21.12.2008
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Chipmaker Qimonda to Get Cash Injection From State

Struggling chipmaker Qimonda is to receive a major cash injection to help keep it afloat, officials said Sunday in the German state where the company has its main production plant.


Chipmaker Qimonda is the latest to get a government bailout

The Infineon subsidiary will receive 325 million euros ($455 million), said Thomas Jurk, minister of economics in the east German state of Saxony.

Saxony will contribute 150 million euros and Infineon 75 million euros, with the remainder coming from Portugal where Qimonda has a plant near Porto.

The government in Saxony had been in negotiations with Infineon to Save Qimonda, which has suffered from a dramatic fall in prices for computer chips.

Last month, the company warned it might face insolvency if support was not forthcoming.

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