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Child killed in Paris building collapse

Authorities in Paris are investigating what caused an explosion which led to the deadly collapse of a residential building. Rescuers were continuing to search for victims possibly trapped in the rubble.

The explosion which led to the collapse of the four-story building in a northeastern Paris suburb occurred Sunday morning local time (0500 UTC).

The fire department reported that one child had been killed, and about 10 people, some of them seriously wounded, were evacuated from the rubble.

"We could still find living victims in the hours to come," fire department spokesman Gabriel Plus told French television channel iTele. According to varying news agency reports, up to a dozen people were still unaccounted for.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who was at the site of the collapsed apartment building in Rosny-sous-Bois, told reporters the blast appeared to have been caused by a gas leak, though he could not confirm that theory.

"We should be prudent, because there are investigations on-going. There is no certainty," he said.

se/nm (Reuters, AFP)