Catholic Radio too Fundamentalist? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 15.06.2004
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Social Media

Catholic Radio too Fundamentalist?

When the Catholic radio station, Radio Horeb, was awarded one of Munich's coveted FM frequencies, critics said the programming is too fundamentalist. So should the station be allowed an FM slot? DW readers replied


How Catholic can German radio be?

It is incredible that almost 60 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany and after all the progress that humanity has made on the road to freedom there could be people in Germany who openly oppose free speech, and in this case, even freedom of religion. Millions of people died in Europe, and specially in Germany in order to safeguard basic human rights as freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I cannot understand how anybody in Germany could criticize this Catholic radio station for exposing its Catholic doctrine on the air waves. I suppose this is a private radio station, which makes me wonder why people are criticizing it? Nobody is obliged to listen if they don't want to. This is what freedom is all about. I am writing from Latin America, which in comparison to Germany, has a very underdeveloped political and social system. But here, Protestant and Catholic radio stations are allowed to preach their religion and to speak about social matters, as any citizen is entitled to do under their constitutional rights. I cannot understand why these sorts of things are happening in Germany and probably all over Europe. Such things deserve to be monitored by Amnesty International for possible violations of basic humans rights. -- Francisco Olivas

I applaud the decision to have this broadcast. Germany has a Christian tradition and to have a religious message broadcast over the public airways can only be healthy. Maybe it will remind some people that we do need God in our lives. -- Heidi Stopper, USA It is no secret that the Catholic church has it's own agenda, and will go to any lengths to be sure it is seen through. In my opinion it should not be permitted. -- Anthony

There must be something hiding in the debate about a radio station having a Christian format. How can anyone find fault with this? Using American radio as a benchmark, I can see where we have some radio stations that have occasional Christian broadcasts and we have one radio station that is
broadcasting Christian ideals all the time. Where is the crime in this? Who is the victim? If you deny a licence to a radio station on the grounds that it is too Christian in format, have you not violated the right to freedom of speech, or do Germans not have rights? Would you then deny a licence to any station because it played too much classical music, or to a radio station that had too many shows where people called in and expressed their opinion on a specific topic. What do you have to fear? Why do Germans want to live in the shadows of darkness? I am not a Catholic and I see nothing wrong with the intention of the radio station. Would you prevent a religious advertisement from appearing on a billboard? Would you prevent a pro-American advertisement from appearing on a billboard? America has raised you better than this. But if you can not tell right from wrong, maybe you need some more years of American occupation and domination! -- Jim

Of course Radio Horeb should be allowed to broadcast. I thought we were supposed to believe in diversity! -- Loren Harmon

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