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Catalog Kills Klum Contract Over Pregnancy

German supermodel Heidi Klum recently shared her joy over being pregnant with her second child. Not so happy about the news, though, was German mail order firm Otto, which cancelled its contract with the blond beauty.


Heidi Klum in her role as swimsuit designer for Otto

Heidi Klum is known for her sunny disposition, so there was hardly any bitterness in the announcement she posted on her Web site about the end of her working relationship with the world's largest mail order firm, Otto. Well, maybe just the tiniest trace of bitterness.

Heidi Klum und Seal

Heidi Klum and Seal

"Otto has made use of a clause and cancelled my contract because I'm pregnant," Klum wrote. She recently announced that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend, British singer Seal. Klum already has a daughter, Leni, by former partner and Formula One boss Flavio Briatore.

Klum designed her own fashion line for Otto, the first collection of which was offered in January 2004. Fans of her creations can order the current spring line until June, after which there'll still be a summer collection, including childrens' wear.

"With this collection, I'll be saying goodbye to all the women and babies who liked to wear the clothes I designed," said Klum.

Already, the 31-year-old has hinted that she won't let the bosses at Otto get her down. Business-savvy Heidi is advising her fans to keep an eye on her Web site so they'll know when they can look for a new, different Klum collection.

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