Cannibal Awaits Verdict | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 29.01.2004
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Cannibal Awaits Verdict

Germany's sensational trial of a self-confessed cannibal will end in a verdict on Friday as the defense argues that Armin Meiwes should receive lesser charges because his victim requested to die. The two-month trial has attracted the attention of the world with gory evidence of the killing and eating of an allegedly willing victim, partly recorded on video. State prosecutors are pushing for a life sentence on a charge motivated by sexual urges. But Meiwes’ lawyer is seeking a conviction of "killing by request," a form of illegal euthanasia, which carries a sentence of six months to five years. Throughout the trial the 42-year-old Meiwes appeared calm and open, willingly offering details of how he came to live his ultimate fantasy. During final testimony this week, Meiwes said he regretted the deed and would not repeat it. "I had my big kick and don’t need to do this any more," he told the court.

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