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Can Kerry Beat Bush?

U.S. Senator John Kerry is on course to become George W. Bush’s Democratic challenger in the 2004 presidential election. DW-WORLD’s readers share their views on Kerry’s chances to become the White House’s next occupant.


President Kerry?

I live in a particularly conservative city, but even here there is much disappointment with President Bush. Ohio has lost many jobs to overseas locations, and Mr Bush is seen as a facilitator for allowing corporations to do this to American citizens in the pursuit of profits. There is also a growing feeling that Bush doesn't know what he's doing in Iraq. If Kerry is selected as the Democratic candidate, Bush will have a very difficult time (especially if John Edwards is Kerry's running mate). -- Bob Schindler, Ohio.

For Germans who hate Bush the thought that John Kerry can win must be appealing but it isn't likely to happen. Contrary to you people, Americans prefer low taxes and the economic prosperity that results from them. Also contrary to Germans, most Americans believe that the best defense is a good offense and favor current foreign policy. We remember what happened in the late 30's when Chamberlain fooled around with Hitler and the grave results that followed. We may not be as educated, cultured and sophisticated as your people but we have far more common sense. That's why the United States is the greatest nation ever. God bless America. God help our enemies. --

Carl Mahrenholz

Democrats lose elections because they won't compromise. Kerry already said he won't compromise on abortion, even revolting partial birth abortions done in the ninth month. This will cost him many votes, especially in the Southeast. Massachusetts became the first to legalize gay marriage. This is a state matter. The federal government has no jurisdiction. Consequently, Kerry doesn't need to say anything. Even so, he will most likely speak out in favor of it. Bush will coast to another 4 years. I wish things were different. -- Peter Laurence

If Senator Kerry becomes the Democrat’s presidential contender he will lose the election in November. Once his record is put under a microscope, people will see that this man is not what American want for our leader. President Bush has done well leading this country’s fight against terrorism. Our economy is one of the best in the world and getting stronger every day. Senator Kerry is too liberal for most Americans. His anti-Vietnam record will work against him in all the southern states. Burning the American flag in protest during the Vietnam war will really hurt him. -- Marc Johnson Sr.

It will be a very close race. However, Bush will probably win due to the fact that Bush will carry most of the Southern states and Western states.

-- Peter Yoon

Yes, Kerry can and will beat Bush. Americans want to be told the truth and make up our own minds. Many feel we don't get the truth from the present administration. Kerry can be a strong and protective leader and not bankrupt our country in doing so. -- Nick Capece

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