Cambodia: Two projects on Khmer Culture | Asia | DW | 10.07.2008
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Cambodia: Two projects on Khmer Culture

The fascinating culture of the Khmer was presented in 2006 in a dazzling exhibition entitled "Angkor - the Divine Inheritance of Cambodia" in Bonn. Also present were Cambodian journalists and DW Akademie.

Hindu God Vishnu in the Angkor exhibition in Bonn

The exhibition was the focal point of DW Akademie's course "Intercultural Reporting." Cambodian radio and television journalists had the opportunity to examine their country's culture in a German context.

Under the guidance of project manager Dr. Helmut Osang, the journalists were able to report for two weeks on the preparations for the exhibition and the exhibition itself. The resulting reports were sent to Cambodia and broadcast from the participants' home stations.

A Cambodian farmer being interviewed on his field

Before the exhibition "Angkor - the Divine Inheritance of Cambodia" opened its doors, Dr. Andrea Rübenacker was in Cambodia for a course titled "Short Documentary" where she taught participants from various television stations for six weeks.

During the training course, a 20-minute documentary outlining various German development projects was produced as a class assignment. The film, "The Value of Small Steps," was shown daily at the Angkor exhibition in Bonn.