Calf Sweetbread with Spaghettini and Langoustine Sauce | Beef and Pork | DW | 06.11.2008
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Beef and Pork

Calf Sweetbread with Spaghettini and Langoustine Sauce

This recipe comes to us from Peter Post who is chef at the Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam .


Recipe for Calf Sweetbread with Spaghettini and Langoustine Sauce


Calf sweetbread (one sweetbread serves two or three)

Spinach (one large handful per portion)

Cherry tomatoes

Icing sugar

Olive oil


Spaghettini (100g per person)


Boil the sweetbread in stock with fresh thyme for 15 minutes. Then cut into finger-width slices. Dip them in flour, and fry in hot oil until crispy.

Braise the spinach in olive oil. Drizzle some oil over the tomatoes, give them a light dusting of icing sugar, and put them into the oven for five minutes.

Langoustine sauce

(serves four)


10 langoustines

10 anchovies

1 carrot

1 onion

1 stick of celery

1 small fennel bulb

1 tablespoon of tomato puree

1 tablespoon of paprika puree

2 glasses of dry white wine

1 shot of pastis

200g creme fraiche

1 sprig of fresh tarragon, 1 sprig of fresh mint

1 star anise

1 pinch of cinammon

Half a vanilla pod


Chop the vegetables and fry them in hot oil. Add the anchovies. Pour in the white wine and the pastis, and add the langoustines in their shells, along with the craime fraiche, the tomato puree and the paprika puree. Continue to stir while simmering for 25 minutes. Next, add the vanilla, star anise and cinammon and cook for another five minutes. Finally, add the chopped mint and tarragon and pour the sauce through a sieve.

Mix the spaghettini with the langoustine sauce on a plate. Then serve with the spinach, the tomatoes, and the calf sweetbread.

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