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Bush to address Eastern European leaders

Former Communist bloc nations meet in Warsaw to discuss terrorism measures.


US President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush plans to warn leaders of 17 Eastern European nations that "freedom is threatened once again" by terrorism.

On Tuesday, Bush will speak via satellite to a summit in Warsaw, Poland. Presidents and other officials from Poland and 16 other states are meeting on boosting regional security cooperation following the September 11 attacks.

Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer said the US President would "remind people about the horrors and the evil of the Taliban and the al Qaeda organization, the terror that they preach and that they practice".

"And he will discuss how the world can work together to win this war, and how important it is to win it," Fleischer added.

Bush's appearance is part of a bid this week to bolster allied support for the US war on terrorism. He will be meeting French President Jacques Chirac later Tuesday. On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be in Washington. Meetings with leaders of India, Brazil and Ireland are also planned.

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