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Bundesliga keeper receives bill after penalty spot damage

The 28-year-old Swiss keeper, who scored a league goal in February, apologized after the game for tampering with the penalty spot in a 1-0 win at Cologne. Augsburg have said they would send a lawn mower to help.

Players will go to any lengths to win matches these days. Augsburg goalie Marwin Hitz has now been billed for sabotaging the penalty spot on Saturday in his club's 1-0 win at Cologne.

Footage of the Swiss keeper digging his heels into the penalty spot as Anthony Modeste was about to take the kick has since gone viral online. The French striker slipped as he took the penalty and Hitz made the save to help his team to the win.

Now Hitz has been handed a bill 122.92 euros ($133,33) from the KSS maintenance company which is in charge with looking after facilities at the Rhein Energie Stadion.

A spokesman for KSS said: "It is not about the money but a little punishment does no harm. If Marwin Hitz pays the bill we will donate the sum to a children's hospital."

Hitz, who later apologized on Twitter, had said post-match, that "it wasn't the fairest action but it's no disgrace to play around a bit with the turf."

The German FA (DFB) have decided not to punish Hitz.