Bundesliga 2004/05: The Season So Far | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 31.03.2005
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Bundesliga 2004/05: The Season So Far

The Bundesliga season 2004/05 is underway and the race for the championship continues apace. DW-WORLD presents the story of the season so far in this dossier of weekly reports and reviews.


The Bundesliga title and being Germany's No.1 is what it's all about

Eighteen teams pit themselves against each other week in, week out with the Bundesliga title, the top prize in German soccer, the ultimate goal for all of them.

As the weeks wear on, however, not all of those 18 teams will continue to focus on winning the coveted shield. A few will continue to compete for the right to be named German Champions at the end of the season, others will scrap for the automatic qualification places for money-spinning European competition as the light from the prize fades in the distance while some will be fighting for their very top flight existence as they hover over the relegation zone with time against them.

Every goal harbored by each team means everything to that club and they will give their all to achieve whatever it may be: the championship, a lucrative Champions League place or just Bundesliga survival. Whatever it is, it makes for action-packed soccer action from August to May every year.

DW-WORLD's coverage of the Bundesliga features all the action and this dossier includes all the reports from the first week to the last.

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