Brothel keeper clashes with labor office | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 19.08.2003
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Brothel keeper clashes with labor office

A brothel owner in the historic German town of Görlitz on the Polish border is preparing to open his establishment next month but faces a one last serious problem -- he has no staff. Ulrich Kueperkoch’s adverts seeking "hostesses for erotic services" for his Golden 3 Privatclub have been rejected by Germany's Federal Labor Office even though prostitution is legal in the country. The dispute with the labor office stems from its refusal to allow advertising for prostitutes in the network of job-placement agencies that it runs. A spokesperson said that the labor office has “decided not to be active in that market sector” due to its belief that such work could infringe on an individual’s rights if he or she is forced to take the job. Kueperkoch insists he would only employ those who were interested and not those who felt they had no other choice.