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British filmmaker Boyle to plan opening ceremony for 2012 Olympics

Filmmaker Danny Boyle has been chosen to be the artistic director for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games here in 2012.

The director of films such as "Slumdog Millionaire," "The Beach," and "28 Days Later," called it an "honor" and a "unique opportunity" to be chosen.

Boyle said the ceremony would feature pop and rock music from some of Britain's best known acts and possibly clips from famous British films.

London 2012 organizers have always insisted they would not attempt to compete with the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony, which is thought to have cost over 80 million euros (about $98 million). Nevertheless, London's Mayor Boris Johnson said he expects the opening and closing ceremonies to be "as stunning as they are uniquely british."

Fifty-three-year-old Danny Boyle, who lives near the new Olympic Stadium in East London, will head a creative team that also includes Stephen Daldry, the British director of the films "Billy Elliot," "The Hours," and "The Reader."

Author: Olly Barrett

Editor: Kate Bowen