Brexit - A painful divorce? | All media content | DW | 31.03.2017
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Brexit - A painful divorce?

It’s a decision of historic proportions. London has formally filed for Brexit. How messy will Britain’s split from the EU become? Guests: Petra Pinzler (Die Zeit), Catherine Hickley (journalist & author), David Charter (The Times).

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Petra Pinzler is journalist for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. She says: “The divorce will be ugly and cumbersome. For Great Britain though the times after will be worse - when its people realize that their country is still intrinsically bound to the EU but has less influence.”

Catherine Hickley is a british journalist based in Berlin, who is planning to apply for German citizenship. She says: “Britain's decision to leave the EU is very likely to lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom and an independent Scotland.”



David Charter, is a Berlin based correspondent for the British Times. He says: "More than 17 million British voters chose to leave the European Union and there is no evidence that the balance has shifted in favour of remaining during the last nine months. That means looking hard at the reasons which drove the British away."