Bree: Pocketing It | Family Business | DW | 14.10.2008
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Family Business

Bree: Pocketing It

Axel and Phillip Bree first chose not to follow in their father's footsteps. They say they thought the act was too tough to follow.


When their father, renaissance man and firm founder Wolf Peter Bree died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1996, they decided to keep the firm but change its orientation from natural leather bags to something with a bit more color. Although they faced resistance, they cleaned-house, polished up the brand's somewhat dusty image, and modernized. The new focus is on the core business, brand maintenance, new creations, and marketing their products all over the world. Dagmar Zindel visits the two Bree brothers in Isernhagen Lower Saxony to find out how they built the leather accessories company Bree into a 50 million euro global enterprise.

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