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Latin America

Brazil and Peru: Environmental Journalism

DW Akademie is committed to increasing public awareness of environmental issues. With this in mind, DW Akademie aims to make socio-ecological programs a permanent part of Latin America's radio broadcasting landscape.

A participant interviews a woman

DW Akademie completed two environmental journalism projects in the beginning of 2008. A number of experienced radio journalists committed to environmental journalism met in Recife, Brazil and Lima, Peru. There, they developed concepts for introducing environmental issues to their respective radio stations.

On the agenda were pressing issues such as the deforestation of the Amazon basin, agribusiness, air pollution, environment-related illnesses and waste management. Also discussed were poverty, disinformation and the complacency of the general public.

A participant interviews a boy

Above all, the course emphasized the importance of thorough research, the results of which can then be edited to provide informative, objective radio reports suited to the listener's needs. Environmental courses are a permanent part of DW Akademie's program and are taught in several different Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Nicaragua and Peru.

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