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Braunschweig boasts cars and medieval castles

The Braunschweig region has a rich history and plenty of worthy sightseeing destinations that span from the medieval times to the present.

Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg near Braunschweig is home to carmaker Volkswagen

Braunschweig experienced early prosperity as the seat of Henry the Lion during the 12th century. As the Duke of Bavaria and Saxony, Henry built the Dankwarderode Castle and established the Braunschweig Cathedral. Today, both medieval structures are Braunschweig landmarks.

In nearby Wolfenbüttel, you'll find the Herzog August Bibliothek - a library that is world-famous for its medieval collection, including the Gospels of Henry the Lion. The dramatist Gotthold Ephraim Lessing also wrote his famous work "Nathan the Wise" here.

Gospels of Henry the Lion

The Gospels of Henry the Lion can be seen in Wolfenbüttel

The city of Wolfsburg offers travelers a change of pace - and era. The city was founded in 1938 as a home for workers in the automobile industry and cars are still the main attraction here. Since opening in 2000, the "Autostadt" pavilion has attracted more than 20 million visitors.

Marc and Carsten Fehse are two brothers from Braunschweig. They recommend that visitors see the quadriga of the Braunschweig Palace, the university library and Prince Albert Park. Click on the video below to join them on their tour.

Text: DW-TV

Editor: Kate Bowen

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