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Boris Becker in Winning Form as Talk Show Host

Former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker's first swing at talk television has been deemed a success by the German media. The retired tennis star got above average ratings for the debut of his chat show "Becker 1:1" on the German sports channel DSF. The first bit of praise though, came from Becker's guest, FC Bayern Munich coach Ottmar Hitzfeld. "You're very well prepared," said Hitzfeld when Becker surprised him with detailed knowledge of Hitzfeld's childhood. Becker prefers not to be compared with the more established German talkmasters. "I've just started, I'm still in the qualifying round," said Becker. "The others are already playing in the finals." Becker says he didn't do any special training to get ready for his new job, adding "I am what I am, and I talk the way I talk -- anything else wouldn't be credible." Becker's ex-wife Barbara also recently became the host of a new television show called "New Life," a make-over/lifestyle show on the German channel ProSieben.