Bonn Young People Say Beethoven Belongs to Their City | BTHVN2020 | DW | 28.08.2008
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Bonn Young People Say Beethoven Belongs to Their City

On the eve of the 2008 Beethovenfest in Bonn DW-WORLD.DE took to the streets of Beethoven's birthplace to see if young people like Beethoven or if they have had enough of old Ludwig.

A bust of Beethoven in the garden of the house where he was born in Bonn

"He is a part of Bonn culture and German culture ... so people are right to value him"

I think Beethoven was an important figure and he definitely made an impact in his time. I like his music, especially the "Moonlight Sonata." -- Johanna, Bonn

I am a Beethoven fan, but I was a little disappointed to hear that he didn't spend most of his time here (in Bonn -- eds.). He spent most of his time in Vienna, so I was a bit disappointed by the Beethoven House, but I'm still excited to come here and hear a Beethoven symphony. I think Beethoven's music is amazing. I suppose Bonn does go on a bit too much about him, but that's OK because someone has to lay claim to him so why not Bonn. Vienna already has so many tourist attractions. It's nice that Bonn has laid claim to Beethoven. -- Melanie, 22, Canada

Of course I like Beethoven, he was the greatest citizen of Bonn there ever was. I'm only slightly interested in classical music, I don't really listen to it much actively, but now and then I like to. It is very important to find a great figure that can be associated with Bonn, and he is a good example. -- Benedikt, Bonn

A painting of Beethoven composing at his desk

"It's important to find a great figure that can be associated with Bonn"

To be honest, other than the name, there's not a great deal I do know about Beethoven. When I first came to Bonn I went to a Beethovenfest concert and I was really impressed. It seems very impressive and it's quite good for tourism, emphasizing the humble beginnings of a character -- that's always quite interesting. -- John, 19, Scotland

I don't really listen to classical music a lot, but if I had to name my favorite composer, then it would have to be Beethoven. I especially like the Ninth Symphony. He is one of the most famous citizens of Bonn so I think it is good that the town is promoting "the cult" of Beethoven so to speak. I think that maybe people should encourage children and teenagers to listen to classical music more and, since Beethoven is a part of Bonn, it would be a good way to talk about it at schools. He is a part of Bonn culture -- and German culture in general -- so people are right to value him. -- Pamela, 29, Stuttgart

Beethoven was a great man who made beautiful music. I used to play many of his pieces on the piano. Now I'm not so into classical music anymore, but for me he was a great man who really changed the world of music. It is something particular to Bonn, that there is so much emphasis on classical music and above all on Beethoven thanks to the festival. -- Gerhard, 21, Bonn / Kazakhstan

I really have no idea what I think of Beethoven. I just know that he was from Bonn and that he's a part of history, of the history of Bonn. I'm not really interested in his music or in classical music, but he did write some good pieces. I know he's really famous. I suppose the Eighth Symphony or something -- but I don't know much else about him. -- Safia, 18, Bonn

In my opinion he was a great artist who made beautiful music, but unfortunately in his last years it very dark and depressing because we all know he couldn't hear much anymore. But I really like his music. I'm a big fan of classical music. His music is definitely enriching for young people. It is good that Beethoven is promoted so much in Bonn because talented people should be appreciated. -- Sandra, 26, Bonn

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