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Beef and Pork

Boiled Beef Stock Spaghetti à la Carbonara with Caviar d'Aquitaine

This modern recipe comes to us from 3-star chef Joachim Wissler from the Vendôme restaurant in the Grand Hotel Bensberg in Bergisch-Gladbach.

Boiled Beef Stock Spaghetti á la Carbonara

with caviar d’Aquitaine

Serves 4-6

0.5 l strong boiled beef bouillon

10 g agar agar

5 g gellan gum

salt, white balsamic vinegar

Stir the cold bouillon together with agar agar and gellan gum and bring to a boil. Using a large syringe, suck the hot stock into a piping tube, 4 mm in diameter and 1.5 metres long. Cool the tube in cold water and then expel the thickened mixture from the syringe. Roll these "spaghetti" ribbons into a spiral on the parchment cooking paper, season with salt and a few drops of vinegar. If desired turn out the cold spaghetti onto a plate, remove the paper, and warm the dish in the oven.

Carbonara Foam:

400 ml beef stock flavoured with Jabugo Bellota ham bones and ham slices

250 ml crème fraiche

150 g butter

5 g xanthan gum

Stir the bouillon and xanthan gum together and bring to a boil. Let cool to 60 degrees Celcius and then stir in butter and creme fraiche. Pour the creamy liquid through a sieve, and then pour the hot mixture into a mousse dispenser. Inject it with two cartridges of compressed air and keep warm.

To serve:

Wash 250 g spinach. Lightly sautee the spinach in browned butter und season with salt, white pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Press the excess liquid from the spinach and place the mixture into four small ring-shaped moulds (2.5 cm in diameter and 3 cm high). Place the moulds in the middle of the beef bouillion spaghetti and remove the rings. Place four additional rings (6 cm in diameter) on top of the spinach and carefully add the carbonara foam from the foam dispenser. Top each ring with 15 g caviar and sprinkle with dried, finely ground pieces of ham.

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