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BMW Sales Rise in May

German car maker BMW said Tuesday that it sold a total 113,626 cars worldwide in May, 7.5 percent more than in May of 2004. Sales of BMW-brand cars alone were up 6.4 percent at 96,061, while sales of the popular Mini raced ahead by 14.2 percent to 17,511 units, while Rolls-Royce sales were down 15.6 percent at 54, BMW said in a statement. In the first five months of the year as a whole, BMW group sales were up by 8.4 percent at 517,184 vehicles. Sales of BMW-brand cars rose by 7.8 percent to 428,489 units in the period from January to May, and Mini sales sped ahead by 11.7 percent to 88,459. Rolls-Royce sales declined by 12.6 percent to 236 in the January-May period.

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