Berlin hockey players wear pink for breast cancer awareness | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 27.10.2015
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Berlin hockey players wear pink for breast cancer awareness

Berlin's hockey team has thrown its support behind a campaign that is relatively new in Europe, but is an established tradition in North America. The Eisbären played two games in pink to raise breast cancer awareness.

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For a good cause: "pink in the rink"

The Eisbären (polar bears) of Germany's top flight hockey league, the DEL took to the ice in pink jerseys and gloves for both of their games this past weekend, dropping a 2-1 decision in Mannheim on Friday and beating the Wolfsburg Grizzlies at home on Sunday.

The campaign, which originated in North America has two main goals. One is to raise awareness of the issue and encourage women to get tested so that any diagnosis comes early. This improves the chances of a successful treatment. The other is to raise money to put into research into how to beat breast cancer in the longer term.

The Eisbären have been involved in the campaign since 2010 and it has been spearheaded by their former captain and current sporting director, Stefan Ustorf, whose wife was affected by the disease.

Since the Eisbären got involved in the campaign, around 50,000 euros ($55,000) have been raised for cancer research. The North American tradition is slowly spreading as well, with fellow DEL team Cologne Sharks also taking part in the campaign, along with Rosenheim of the DEL's second division.

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