Beating Bayern would have been great for the Bundesliga, says Wolfsburg defender | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 27.02.2016
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Beating Bayern would have been great for the Bundesliga, says Wolfsburg defender

Wolfsburg left-back Marcel Schäfer laments his side's inability to convert chances in to goals against Bayern Munich. The Wolves now sit eighth in the Bundesliga table with 31 points.

DW: Not the result you were hoping for today against Bayern Munich. What can you tell me about the performance of your team?

Marcel Schäfer: The difference was that Bayern scored. They took their chance and we didn't. I think we had the same number of chances, maybe three or four big chances – one of which was mine. I have to score. And if I had, it really would have been a different situation going into the second half being one goal in front. It was possible to beat Bayern today. We know that Bayern are one of the best teams in the world but it was a good performance from us today, which we really could have taken advantage of. However, when you lose, of course you are very disappointed, especially after so many missed chances.

You scored a great goal against Hertha Berlin from a much more difficult angle than your chance today, as you mentioned. This one, in front of goal against Manuel Neuer, how disappointed were you after that?

Well some of my teammates said, “Oh, you have to use your right foot” because I have to score - it doesn't matter how. I think it was a huge chance for us to go ahead and it would have changed the game going into halftime. We would have had more space going forward, but after the game it is really hard to find the right words because my teammates and I are very disappointed. It would have been a great sign to the Bundesliga if we had won today. It was possible, but we didn't do it. We missed too many chances.

How do you feel about your chances of qualifying for the Champions League now, because you are in a difficult position?

I think if you look at the Bundesliga table right now our situation is not good. We have to improve day-by-day and for us the next game against Hannover is very important. Then we have Borussia Mönchengladbach here in Wolfsburg which is also vital because they are a team that is competing with us for these places. These are games we have to win, that's really important for us. Then of course we have to reach our target, which is to finish in the top four.

Do you spend much time watching the teams above you?

Well we have to watch them because they are the teams that are fighting against us for the Champions League places. It's a very disappointing weekend for us but I think if we play like we did today against Hannover then we have a very good chance of winning it.

And looking ahead to Gent in the Champions League…

It's another vital game, like every other right now. For us it would be very special to progress further and we are in a good position to do that, but we have to perform on the pitch.

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