Bayreuth Festival 2013 | Music | DW | 06.09.2013
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Bayreuth Festival 2013

Every summer, Wagner fans travel to Bayreuth to enjoy the works of composer Richard Wagner. This year marked the 200th anniversary of his birthday.

Every summer, Wagner fans travel to Bayreuth, in the German region of Franconia. During this time, the otherwise sleepy little town turns into a huge musical arena. For six weeks, the works of composer Richard Wagner take center stage - with new productions regularly provoking both critique and excitement.

On May 22, 2013, the world celebrated the 200th birthday of composer and founder of the Bayreuth Festival, Richard Wagner. July 25 saw this year's anniversary festival kick off - in the Festspielhaus, the very venue the composer designed specifically for his music dramas. Wagner enthusiasts have been able to enjoy his compositions in this exclusive atmosphere since 1876.

This year, the last performance took place on August 28. Here in this collection, we'll captivate you with reports and features on the latest productions.

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