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Bayer's Healthcare Sales Declined In 2004

The German pharmaceuticals and chemicals giant Bayer sustained a decline in sales in its troubled healthcare division last year, while revenues in its two other divisions, industrial chemicals and crop protection, rose, a company spokesman said Friday. Bayer, maker of Aspirin painkiller, booked sales of around €8.5 billion ($10.9 billion) in its healthcare division last year. Thus, sales are down from €8.9 billion a year earlier, even though Bayer sold its blood plasma products activities. By contrast, revenues in the chemicals division, MaterialScience, rose to €8.5 billion from €7.5 billion. And in the agrochemicals division, CropScience, turnover rose to an estimated €6 billion from €5.8 billion. Bayer, which is scheduled to publish 2004 earnings in mid-March, estimated that fourth-quarter earnings were up on year-earlier levels, the spokesman added.

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