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euromaxx à la carte

Bagna Caoda - A warm Piedmontese dip of anchovies, oil and garlic served with raw vegetables

The Tre Galline Ristorante in Turin serves all types of Piedmontese delicacies. Loredana Fiorio is head chef there and has six men working under her in the kitchen.


Bagna Caoda

6 large cloves of garlic
600ml olive oil
200g anchovies
300ml milk
40g butter

Bagna Caöda - Gemüsekorb

Simmer the garlic in the milk until it falls apart (2-3 hours). In the meantime fry the anchovies in oil and butter and stir until it thickens. Cook with milk for a further 30 minutes before blending with a mixer.

Put the dip into a table top warmer with an oil lamp or candle to keep it warm.

Serve as dip with raw and cooked vegetables. Add side dishes of raw meat, spring onions in red wine, and quails eggs whipped and cooked in some of the dip.