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Australian widow pleads guilty to supporting jihadi husband in Syria

Fatima Elomar has admitted in an Australian court that she supported her husband's fighting for the "Islamic State." Her husband, Sydney-born Mohamed Elomar, is believed to have been killed in an airstrike in June.

Fatima Elomar, 31, was arrested in May 2014 attempting to board a flight to Syria with her four children.

She was arrested with cash, camouflage equipment, medical supplies and other items she intended to give to her husband when she arrived in Syria.

Australia's ABC news reported that the court heard messages between the married couple, in which Mohamed Elomar tells his wife to bring solar power chargers, hiking boots, sunglasses and other supplies. Later she responded that she had bought all the items he wanted on Ebay.

She pleaded guilty to one count of supporting a foreign terrorist organization. She is out on bail and will be sentenced in April.

Mohamed Elomar and his Australian friend Khaled Sharrouf are believed to have been killed in Iraq in June. Both had left Australia in 2013.

Several thousands foreign fighters from the west have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join IS.

cw/jil (AP)

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