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Ashik from Bangladesh

Ashik dreams about being able to tune in to DW over shortwave again. He was even on-air once himself.

First name: Ashik
City / Country: Rajshahi / Bangladesh
Year of birth: 1972
Occupation: Service

I use DW because it's my only way to go through Germany since my childhood.

I am interested in German and Germany.

I especially like DW for it's extra-ordinary presentation, impartiality, and detailed coverage.

My best experience with DW was to meet up with Mr Graham Lucas (DW employee) and had and interview with him (it was also aired on AWR Wavescan Program).

My wish for the future is to receive DW not only via internet but also via short wave (but my dream will not come true).

Sent by: Ashik from Bangladesh
Edited by: Jeanette Müller