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Arts.21 15.06.13 | 21:30 - 22:00 UTC

Traditional Song in Berlin

Not even the country's cultural landscape was spared when floods hit Germany in recent weeks; Arts. 21 assesses the damage. We also meet up with Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Adam Johnson, listen to second-generation immigrants singing songs from their home countries in Berlin, and profile actress Constanze Becker.


Cultural Wash-Out

After the severe flooding of 2002, Germany is once again hit by high waters. And once again, the Otto Dix House in Gera has been left badly damaged - as have the recently revamped historical gardens of the Summer Palace in Greiz. The Handel Festival in Halle has been cancelled. Arts. 21 explores the extent of the damage to Germany's arts and culture.

Pulitzer Prize-winner

Just as the North Korean dictatorship was flexing its muscles, Adam Johnson won a Pulitzer Prize for his satirical novel "The Orphan Master's Son", set in the eastern Asian country. Arts. 21 met up with the author in Berlin.

Traditional Song in Berlin

Folklore, Fado and Klapa: 120 performers with family roots in 13 countries are singing the traditional songs of their ancestors at the Komische Oper in Berlin. They were all born to parents who moved to Germany in the 1950s as guest workers. Arts. 21 went to listen.

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Queen of Tragedy

Constanze Becker is considered one of Germany's best talented stage actresses. She's now fulfilled a long-held ambition and made her directorial debut. Arts. 21 meets up with Constanze Becker.

The Week's Discoveries


  • International Literature Prize for Teju Cole's debut novel "Open City"
  • Art Basel 2013
  • The foundation stone for the Berlin City Palace is laid.