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Arts 2006: Our Heroes for this Year

Who will be the movers and shakers of the German arts scene in 2006? Every year Arts.21 portrays the personalities we think will be special in the coming new year. So let us introduce you to our heroes of 2006!


Scherer & Gonzalez – Two Fashion Designers Set to Make it Big

27.12.2005 K21 Scherer Gonzalez2.jpg

Fashion made in Berlin is usually hip, rough-edged, even trashy. The two young designers Constanze González and Andreas Scherer have a very different vision for their label: elegance, sophistication, sensuality and femininity. The duo recently scooped the coveted 'Goldene Nase' fashion prize for young designers. Arts.21 visited them in their studio.

Pamela Rosenberg – The Future General Manager of the Berlin Philharmonic

Pamela Rosenberg, neue Intendantin der Berliner Philharmoniker

A dynamic Californian woman is set to become the new boss of the Berlin Philharmonic in the summer of 2006. Pamela Rosenberg is an experienced manager who was very successful as director of the Stuttgart Opera. Arts.21 went to visit Pamela Rosenberg in San Francisco where she has been managing the second largest opera house in the US for more than four years to talk about the high-profile, high-pressure Berlin job she is very much looking forward to.

Werner Sobeck – The Engineer Who Turns Architectural Visions into Reality

27.12.2005 K21 Werner Sobek.jpg

New materials, high-powered computers and brilliant engineers liberate architectural fantasy, and permit the incredible to become reality. And to remain standing! Engineers are often unsung heroes, while the architects bask in the limelight.

It’s experts like Werner Sobek who make suspended ceilings, spiral staircases and floating floors possible, and his latest project is the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, set for completion by the start of the World Cup. Arts.21 visited the structural engineer at his office in Stuttgart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – The Peerless Composer Turns 250

Mozart 2006

2006 has been declared Mozart Year, as the whole world will be celebrating Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 250th birthday. We may well be facing Mozart overkill. But no amount of kitschy merchandising can detract from the brilliance of the music, and since it is so unbelievably wonderful, perhaps every year should be a Mozart Year.

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