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Artist Immendorff caught with cocaine

The internationally-acclaimed painter Jörg Immendorff is being investigated for cocaine possession, the Düsseldorf district attorney confirmed on Monday. Police confiscated 10 grams of the substance during raids on the artist's apartment, studio and in a Düsseldorf hotel room, where Immendorff was having a party with nine women on Saturday. The women were most likely prostitutes, a spokesman for the district attorney said. The authorities are examining the confiscated substances to determine how much cocaine they contain. German law punishes the possession of illegal drugs with fines or jail sentences ranging from one to five years. Jörg Immendorff is one of the world's most important contemporary painters. The 58-year-old was a student of Joseph Beuys and has been a professor at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art since 1996.