Art as a Commodity | Documentaries | DW | 27.02.2008
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Art as a Commodity

When a priceless work of art gets a price tag, the haggling, bluffing and profiteering begin. Hundreds of highly solvent culture vultures from Moscow, Hong Kong and New York descend upon a very few top-rated works.


Jeff Koons in front of his "Celebration" series

25.02.2008 DW-TV Im Focus Kunstauktion

An art auction as show business: The beau monde parties to pop music

The international art market can be as rapacious as the stock market - the profit margins as horrendous as the price ranges. Never before has art been such a commodity as it is today. The world's top galleries and auction houses are turning record profits: in February, 2007, London did 590 million euros in business with auctions of artwork in just five days.

25.02.2008 DW-TV Im Focus Hai

Damien Hirst's shark pickled in formaldehyde

Reporter Beate Thalberg found her way into the back rooms of the art market to see who sets the prices, who pays them and how a small circle of globally networked art critics agree on a few dozen artists to become the celebrity names of the international art world - whose works are shown and talked about and bought and sold on a global scale.

25.02.2008 DW-TV Im Focus Simon de Pury

Art auctioneer Simon de Pury

In interviews from Moscow, London, Leipzig, Vienna and New York, auctioneers such as the Austrian Tobias Meyer of Sotheby's New York, gallery owners like the German Gerd Lybke, the American artist Jeff Koons, and the globally operating art dealer and advisor Simon de Pury speak for the first time to the media about the rules of the game as defined by art dealers, auctioneers, collectors, fair organizers and exhibitors.

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