Armed student detained after opening fire at Moscow school | News | DW | 03.02.2014
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Armed student detained after opening fire at Moscow school

An armed student has been detained after taking more than 20 pupils hostage at a school in Russia's capital, Moscow. A policeman and a teacher were killed in the attack, police said.

Russia's Interior Ministry confirmed the biology teacher and policeman were killed on Monday when the teenager, armed with two rifles, took a class hostage on the northern outskirts of Moscow.

The class of teenage biology students were held for around 30 minutes before being freed, a school official said. None were injured, but another police officer was wounded after arriving at the scene.

"The person who took 20 people and a teacher hostage is a student in the upper classes at the same school. He has been neutralized and all the students have been freed," Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Pilipchuk said on state TV.

"One policeman was fatally wounded during the operation and died in hospital, and a teacher at School No.263 was also killed."

The incident has raised fresh security fears in Russia ahead the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi which begin this week.

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