Architect Might Sue over Gestapo Museum | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.05.2004
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Architect Might Sue over Gestapo Museum

The Swiss architect whose plans for an information center in Berlin documenting Gestapo activities during Hitler's Third Reich said he is considering suing the city of Berlin and the federal government for up to a €1 million ($1.22 million) due to him. The government announced it is shelving Zumthor's plans for the "Topography of Terror" because they would likely run over the €38.8 million budget by as much as €5 million, according to Culture Minister Christina Weiss. Plans for an information and documentation center have been underway for 11 years, but construction has been repeatedly delayed due to cost considerations. Zumthor has rejected the government's budget overrun estimates, and said if the plans are shelved now, it would mean €15 million already invested in the project will go to waste.