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Application as Refugee

DW Akademie educates talented young professionals from around the world - with a special focus on refugees. The offer specifically aims at refugees who are currently located in Bonn, Cologne or Düsseldorf.


Further incoming contact forms no longer taken into consideration

Thank you very much for your interest in our Master’s Program and the numerous contact forms which we received. A committee of the IMS-office will now carefully see through all the documents received and will contact the candidates again in case of any questions. The final decision will be announced by email at the latest by mid February.

We will not be able to consider further incoming contact forms.  


For the Master’s Program “International Media Studies” DW Akademie is accepting applications from refugees of different world regions. Successful applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification as well as one year of professional experience in a media-related field after having obtained their B.A. They need to provide proof of their language skills in both German and English.

Regarding some requirements refugees receive special support and goodwill.


Candidates should already provide profound knowledge in English and good knowledge of the German language.

DW Akademie is offering special support for qualified refugees prior to the start of the study program.  Suitable candidates will be able to take part in language courses in English and German - free of charge; in order to meet the language requirements until the start of the study program - from spring 2017 onwards.

Proof of Certificates

Regarding the proof of certificates and documentation refugees interested in applying for the IMS-program receive special support. In case of missing documents the individual situation of the applicant will be reviewed and we will develop a solution together.

First step

Interested refugees should please fill the contact form attached below and send it by mail to DW Akademie in Bonn or email to ims@dw.com with the Subject “IMS-Application as Refugee” until 31st of January 2017.

As soon as we have received your form we will get in touch with you and will answer your questions.

The offer for qualified refugees at a glance (from spring 2017 until the start of the program)

  • Intensive language course (German or  English; depending on the individual level) including language certificate
  • Introduction Course „Academic Work“
  • Introduction Course „The German Media System“
  • Monthly ticket for public transport for the duration of the pre-course
  • Award of a partial scholarship (covering the costs of the tuition fees  of 6.000,00 Euro)
  • Individual support and supervision
  • Become part of an international master‘s program offering an unparalleled mix of research, lectures and practical experience