Apple Strudel á la Klaus Erfort with Rum-Raisin Ice Cream | Desserts and Sweet Temptations | DW | 04.12.2008
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Desserts and Sweet Temptations

Apple Strudel á la Klaus Erfort with Rum-Raisin Ice Cream

One of the most intriguing apple strudels around.


Apple strudel á la Klaus Erfort with rum-raisin ice cream.

No dish leaves Klaus Erfort's kitchen without his seal of approval. Erfort, from Saarbrücken, is just 36 years old, but already a world-class chef.

Rum-raisin ice cream:

1 vanilla bean

150 ml milk

150 ml cream

70 g egg yolk

70 g sugar

40 g raisins

6 cl dark rum

Boil rum and raisins together. Halve vanilla bean and separate into threads. Boil cream and vanilla.

Stir egg yolk and sugar together. Add milk and cream mixture and shape the mixture into a rose in a water bath. Freeze in an ice-cream maker until creamy, and flavor with the rum-soaked raisins.

Strudel dough:

4 sheets of phyllo dough (available in gourmet shops)


Powdered sugar

Drizzle the phyllo dough with melted butter, dust with powdered sugar and cover with a second sheet of dough. Cut in 4-cm-wide strips. Wrap phyllo strips around a greased metal tube (or the handle of a wire whisk).

Cover and bake 4 min. in oven preheated to 180° C. Remove from tube and keep warm.

Apple filling:

2 Granny Smith or Boskop apples

50 g almond brittle (available in gourmet shops)

30 g sugar

Dark rum



Peel and dice apple and drizzle with lemon juice. Heat sugar in a pot to caramelize, douse with rum. Add apple dice, raisins and almond brittle and cook until thick.

Apple froth:

500 g green apple puree

100 ml cream

5 slices of gelatine, softened


Warm 100 g of the apple puree and dissolve gelatin in it.

Mix remaining ingredients and season to taste with lemon juice. Fill a siphon with the mixture and apply 2 capsules of pressure.

Apple jelly:

200 g apple puree

3 slices of gelatine (softened)

1 vanilla bean

Separate vanilla bean into threads and cook with the apple puree

Dissolve gelatin and allow to gel in a flat container, then cut into 1cm-square cubes.


Fill 3 warm strudel tubes per person and stand in a row on a plate.

Arrange a scoop of rum-raisin ice cream, one each on left and right in a row on the plate. Top the center tube with the apple froth and garnish with mint sprigs, apple jelly and, if desired, a sugar spiral.

Wine suggestion:

2005 Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg

Riesling Auslese, Dönnhoff (gently sweet with crisp acidity)

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