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Appeasing bin Laden?

Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden's recent truce offer to European countries was rejected by government leaders and DW-WORLD readers alike. Read some of the comments we have received.


What was he thinking?

The Berliner Kurier opines that Osama bin Laden "must be insane" in his offer of peace to European countries if they stop opposing his terrorist plans. On the contrary, he clearly sees into the European heart. He knows what happened in Spain can reoccur all over Europe with enough TNT applied in the right places. He is not insane but sometimes I do wonder about leaders who refuse to learn the lessons of history. -- Jl Ronish

I do not think that there should be any negotiation with terrorists. God forbid. -- Bruno Popovic, Australia

Under no circumstances must terrorism achieve a status quo which borders on legal status. Terrorists might obtain such status, if negotiations were held between legally elected governments and al Qaeda. It is time to put the unilateral approach of the U.S. regarding Iraq behind and focus on terrorism as the enemy again. Terrorists will not let us sleep in peace, as we have to worry about our neighbors and children, as they attack innocent lives cowardly from their hideouts. -- Wolfgang Gruber

I think that European politicians will negotiate with bin Laden, secretly and through back-channels, regardless of what happens next. Politicians want to stay in power and in democratic countries, they have to do what the people desire. The fact that bin Laden has made this appeal directly to the countries of European peoples speaks volumes. -- Charles Brown

Appeasing terrorists invites more terrorism by insinuating terrorism is a legitimate political tool. It is insulting that bin Laden would think democratic European leaders might appease him. -- Michael Titsch, USA

How do you negotiate with a person or organization that intentionally and as a matter of policy slaughters those who disagree with them? Any agreement with Bin Laden would change as soon as he changed his mind. It would be like having an agreement with the weatherman to only give you nice weather. You can enjoy it for a day or two, but you know that the storms of change must come. You would have little peace of mind in the short term and more terror and killing in the long term. -- Roger O. Laws

Simply ignore the alleged Bin Laden tape. To open a feedback forum like this already pays too much attention for this crook and possible imitators. -- Markus Mutz

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