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An intriguing gaze: Charlotte Rampling in 10 cult films

Actress Charlotte Rampling turns 70 on February 5. She won many awards for her performance in "45 Years" - and now she might also get an Oscar. Here's a look back at a career characterized by mysterious sex appeal.

Born on February 5, 1946, Charlotte Rampling became a fashion icon in the 60s. Her work in arthouse movies in England, France and Italy made her a star of European cinema.

Having won several awards for her performance in "45 Years," released in 2015, the graceful septuagenarian could be crowned once again at the upcoming Academy Awards on February 28, as she is nominated for Best Actress.

Click through the gallery above to discover why the Lifetime Achievement Award she received from the

European Film Awards in 2015

was well deserved.

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