Americans Attempt to Improve Image in Germany | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 04.04.2008
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Americans Attempt to Improve Image in Germany

Soccer fans waiving German and US flags

US flags aren't often flown by Germans these days

Europeans are following the US presidential election campaign closely, especially in Germany.

Germans seem eager to see an America led by someone other than President George W. Bush, who's very unpopular here. But overall, the US is suffering something of a popularity problem in Germany.

A Pew Institute survey of 47 nations conducted last year found that global opinion about the US has declined substantially since 2002, even among close allies.

In Germany, America's fall from grace has been especially dramatic.

Some observers say although Germany is one of America's closest allies, Washington needs to boost efforts to improve its image here. To listen to Inside Europe's report, please click on the audio links below.

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