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American Sets Roller Coaster Record in Germany

A University lecturer from the U.S. has set a world record for roller coaster riding, beating his own mark of 147 hours after six days on rides in a German amusement park.


Not getting sick setting this record should get its own entry in Guinness.

Richard Rodriguez, 43, followed rules required for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, riding for eight-hour periods with no more than two 15-minute breaks, according to a statement released by the Holiday Park in the southwest German town of Hassloch.

Rodriguez, who teaches English at Loyola University in Chicago, beat a previous record of 147 hours he'd set on July 16. He began the ride to beat that mark last Wednesday.

Rodriguez used two roller coasters at the amusement park in his record chase, equipping one car on each ride with a small toilet and with seat padding so he could sleep while riding.

He plans to stop later this week after reaching 195 hours.

Rodriguez is a long-time roller coaster enthusiast, who has been setting endurance records on the amusement park rides in the United States, England, Canada and Germany since the late 1970s.