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American Pharoah wins Triple Crown after 37-year drought

The young racing horse has made history by sweeping up the Preakness, Kentucky Derby, and Belmont Stakes. American Pharoah has become the 12th horse to win the much-coveted trophy.

American Pharoah won the Belmont Stakes on June 6 to a roaring crowd of 90,000, making it the first race horse to win the Triple Crown trophy since 1978.

The trophy was shared by Ahmed Zayat, owner of American Pharoah, Bob Baffert, trainer, and Victor Espinoza, jockey.

After the race, Zayat praised the young colt, adding that American Pharoah "moves like a Ferrari."

"I don't think it's sunk in yet," Zayat said.

"I have been extremely confident all week. I looked at my wife in the post parade and I told her get ready to be the owner of the 12th Triple Crown winner. He looked unbelievable: focused, relaxed, full of energy."

Zayat, a 52-year-old entrepreneur from Egypt, nearly sold the racing horse in 2014, although he bought him back at an action for $30,000 (27,000 euros).

The Triple Crown, which requires sweeping up the Preakness, Kentucky Derby, and Belmont Stakes, has witnessed 12 attempts since horse Affirmed won it in 1978.

'Probably will retire'

Zayat did not offer a straightforward answer regarding the racing horse's future, but hinted at retirement.

"We need to enjoy our stars and race them as long as we possibly could," Zayat said.

"He most probably will retire at the end of this year."

ls/bw (AP, AFP)