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Full episode 09.01.13 | 08:15 - 09:00 UTC

Agenda - Talk Show

Brent Goff sets the agenda and it's time to talk. Each week Brent invites three people to talk, argue and pry apart the headlines. Agenda is upbeat, entertaining and thought-provoking: A robust discussion of issues that leads to unexpected insights.

In this edition: Indian outrage at gangrape death leads many to hope for change, Ireland takes over EU presidency as fragile economy slowly recovers and the controversy surrounding ownership of Berlin's famous Nefertiti bust found in Egypt 100 years ago.


India Gang-Rape Case - Will Outrage Bring Change?

Guest: Sridevi Padmanabhan, Media Anthropologist, Heidelberg University

Ireland's EU Presidency - Will the Celtic Tiger Roar Again?

Guest: Maeve von Heynitz, Irish Diplomat

Repatriating History - Should Nefertiti be Returned?

Guest: Hermann Parzinger, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation