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AfD blames poor German Eurovision performance on politicians

The Bavarian branch of the populist Alternative for Germany political party was showered with online scorn for blaming German policymakers for the country's last-place Eurovision performance. Few understood their humor.

A tweet posted by the Bavarian branch of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party blamed Germany's "chaotic policy" for coming in dead last in Saturday night's European Song Contest (ESC), adding that Germany couldn't even get "sympathy points."

Scores of people replied to the message, blaming Europeans' distaste for the AfD, and the positions it promotes, for making people unsympathetic to Germany.

"Strange, before you were there, Germany did better," wrote Olaf Kunz, who went on to congratulate Jamala of Ukraine for winning the annual Eurovision contest.

Some six hours later, after scores of critical messages - as well as some of support - Bavaria's AfD tweeted that its critics apparently did not "understand humor."

Germany's ESC entry, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, finished last with just 11 points. At the other end of the table, Jamala won with 534 points.

But politicians, this time from Russia, also had something to say about her win. They called her victory with the song "1944," which deals with the deportation of Crimean Tartars at the hands of the Soviets, the triumph of politics over art.

Ahead of the competition, bookmakers had tipped Russia to win with Australia placing second and Ukraine coming in third.

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