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Accused Admits Guilt in Child Molestation Case

The prime suspect in a gruesome child molestation case that has rocked Germany admitted his guilt in a Saarbrücken courtroom in southern Germany on Monday. The 49-year-old Peter S. said he repeatedly abused Pascal, a five-year-old who went missing on September 30, 2001 and another boy, in the backroom of a notorious bar in a Saarbrücken suburb, supposedly with the help of the barwoman Christa. The accused said he would always give 20 marks to Christa after the assault, who is supposed to have arranged for the boys. The police have arrested 12 others also on suspicion of sexually molesting Pascal and eventually killing him. The police were alerted to Peter S. after statements from Pascal’s five-year-old friend, who was also allegedly molested repeatedly. The accused faces another four days of court hearings before he is sentenced.