A United Front | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 20.11.2001
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A United Front

British Prime Minister Blair Praises Germany on its anti-terror stance.


Schröder, right, leads the way for Blair.

Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, the guest speaker at the German SPD party congress in Nuremberg, defended the military actions against the Taliban in Afghanistan. "The menace of terrorism and its sponsors in the Taliban regime are as much a threat to us in Europe as they are to the United States," Blair said on Tuesday. "They represent an all-out assault on the values that underpin our hopes of social justice in Europe today."

Blair said a tough line was necessary against terrorism. Under the applause of the delegates, he demanded the same international commitment in forming the new broad based government in Afghanistan and rebuilding the country.

Germany had proven its international leadership following the events of September 11, Blair said. However, he expressed his respect for all "true" pacifists, a reference to several pacifists from the German coalition Greens and the SPD who had opposed Germany joining the US-led mission. He said he hoped such positions would continue to have a place within the political parties.

The SPD is the German counterpart to Blair's Labor Party.

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